A downloadable game for Windows

* Mouse only control, left click to build, right click to orbit, wheel to select buildings.

* Buildings consumes some blocks to produce some other blocks
* Trucks runs on road and pickup and deliver those blocks. You can acquire them by building transport center (see description)
* You need yellow block(Gold!) to build new buildings. Business area and Attraction can produce such block (see description)
* Two buildings with same type and level will automatically merge into an upgraded building, which use less space and produce blocks faster. Try it!
* Be sure to use your land wisely before they runs out.

* Due to limited time for tweaking numbers, I don't think the gameplay is any of chanllenging now :) And There are a lot to refine, as always

* Made for LD42 by shrekshao and Huai boqun.


City2048-LD42-Win-Update1.zip 16 MB

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